Our Mission

Speak Loud For The One's You Love!

Raise awareness, Bring Resources, and Help to Advocate for all those with special needs.

What We Do

We organized this non-profit in pursuit of resources and an individual education curriculum that can be supported in our local schools districts.  We are pursuing collaborations with school districts, California Department of Education, as well as local city parks and recreation boards.  Education is a focal point for all parents.  Charter Schools can be the foundation of a core education that follows students well into their college years and beyond.  Our Mission is to create an environment that supports all levels of learning as well as a true individual education plan within a Charter School.  Education on all levels should be accessible to each student individually and equally. 

In addition to our pursuit of opening a Charter school, we are also collaborating with local city parks and recreation boards.  Our goal is to improve certain recreational areas, making them fully ADA compliant and accessible to all abilities.  We hope to bring awareness to much needed resources into our community by using such venues to host events and do outreach. 

   Our wish is to assist as many families as possible to gain access to an education and resources their children can benefit from.  Speak Loud or The Ones you Love.

You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.
— Unknown